Sunday, October 23, 2011

What are you knitting for the holidays

Have you started your holiday knits? I have. I bought a fantastic book at Michaels (bite my tongue) it is called "Sock Yarn One -Skein Wonders" I think it is the best One Skein Wonder yet. Projects golore.

I am also knitting a Sophie Bag. Remember Mag Knits? They had a pattern for beautiful Sophie (thanks Julia) I found it after searching the web. The pattern calls for Cascade 220, but I am using Brownsheep's Lamb's Pride worsted to make Sophie. This yarn is great, wool and Mohair.

I am also knitting my fav Feather and Fan. I love this pattern as it looks beautiful all the time. My yarn of choice is Patons Lace colour ways Midas. A mixture of beiges and browns.

Can't wait to hear what you are knitting.

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