Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Log Cabins and Snugly Baby Bamboo Sweaters

Log Cabin with Patons Canadiana

Log Cabins

To say that it has been a while since I last posted, would be a gross understatement.

But just because I haven’t posted in some time, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy behind the scenes working on knitting projects and running the Knitters Attic store.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is make sure that I am keeping all the Knitters Attic blog readers updated with the happenings of myself and the store. I am going to start by posting a bit more regularly.

So, I’ve already told you that I have been behind the scenes working on a number of knitting projects.
Log Cabin with Sample Patons Canadiana Yarn I Used

This Log Cabin to your right, I knitted using Patons Canadiana.

For those of you who are not familiar with Log Cabins or Log Cabin knitting.

Log Cabin knitting or the Log Cabin knitting technique, starts with the knitter creating the centerpiece -- a square.

From there, the knitter creates strips, which are then added to all the sides of the square.

After adding these initial strips to the sides of the square centrepiece, the knitter can keep going and going and going like that famous pink battery bunny.

Patons Canadiana

The sky and your creativity really is the limit as to how expansive and diverse in colour you want to go. In the photo immediately above this text, I have included some sample colours of the Patons Canadiana yarn that I used for this project.

Baby Room in the Knitters Attic

The Baby Room

If you voyage up to Richmond Hill, Ontario to Knitters Attic. You will find our best-kept secret – a little nook in the wall called, "The Baby Room."

Light Green Sweater made with Baby Bamboo Yarn
The Baby Room has several fantastic materials to choose from that won’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Baby Bamboo

This light sweater to your right was made using Baby Bamboo (pictured on the left below the sweater).

The Baby Bamboo yarn brand is 80% Bamboo sourced Viscose, and 20% Wool. It is best suited for or may be used for projects requiring Double Knitting.

Baby Bamboo Yarn
For our beginner Knitters, ‘Double Knitting’ is a style or form of knitting. Two fabrics are knitted at the same time, on one pair of needles. Depending on the knitter, or the pattern, the two fabrics may become inseparable, or fabrics that are closely or securely interlocked with one another (interlocked knitter fabrics). Or, the two fabrics may simply be two fabrics that are unconnected.

It is recommended, if you are choosing to use the Sirdar Snugly Baby Bamboo yarn, that you use a 4mm needle.

This particular brand will give you 22 stitches by 28 rows, and is 95m or 104 yards in length.

If you are worried about the material maintaining its original texture and overall general appearance, it is recommended that you machine wash the material at 40 degrees Celsius; avoid ironing or putting the material through a tumble dry; set the material (arrange the clothing) when its wet and is easier to manipulate; and, consider the possibility of dry cleaning the clothing made from this material, as an alternative.

For the next several posts, I am going to share my other knitting projects with our Knitters Attic blog readers.

For more information, on Knitters Attic, visit our website at

Give us a call at 1 (905) 508-5637. And/or you can visit the store - we are located at 10119 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1T7.

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